"Hidup memerlukan pengorbananan. Pengorbanan memerlukan perjuangan. Perjuangan memerlukan ketabahan. Ketabahan memerlukan keyakinan. Keyakinan pula menentukan kejayaan. Kejayaan pula akan menentukan kebahagiaan."

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Thank you.

apa EMOSI anda hari niy?adakah baik2 saje?happy?sad?angry?in love?you can choose by your own your emoticon.hee;p

thanks to those who hated me;
you made me a stronger person;
you made my heart grow fonder;
thanks to those who cared;
you made me feel important;
thanks to those who entered my life;
you made me who i am today;
thanks to those who left;
you showed me that nothing last forever;
thanks to those who stayed;
you showed me the true meaning of love &friendship~

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