"Hidup memerlukan pengorbananan. Pengorbanan memerlukan perjuangan. Perjuangan memerlukan ketabahan. Ketabahan memerlukan keyakinan. Keyakinan pula menentukan kejayaan. Kejayaan pula akan menentukan kebahagiaan."

Monday, December 7, 2009



tomorrow will become today.

today will become yesterday.

yesterday will become the past2 days..

if u through ur day with nothing.

your day never waiting for u.

ur day will be nothing and nothing.

at the end u will regret n think.

what did i do in the past??

but they already go.

if u want they come back.

it never happen.

let manage the time.
dont waste ur time.

merepek again!

silasila berjauhan dengan laptop skarang!
tomorrow is exam.*_*


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